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Title:tRNA translocation by the eukaryotic 80S ribosome and the impact of GTP hydrolysis, Translocation-intermediate-POST-2 (TI-POST-2)
Authors:Flis J, Holm M, Rundlet EJ, Loerke J, Hilal T, Dabrowski M, Buerger J, Mielke T, Blanchard SC, Spahn CMT, Budkevich TV
Method:Single particle reconstruction (3.6 angstroms resolution)
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Status: Released
Deposition date: 2018-07-03
Deposition site: PDBe
Processing site: PDBe
Header release date: 2018-10-24
Map release date: 2018-12-05
Sample: TI-POST-2
Resolution: 3.6 Å (determined by FSC 0.143 CUT-OFF)
Fitted PDB:
PDB Authors PubMed Status
6gz4Flis, J., Holm, M., Rundlet, E.J., Loerke, J., Hilal, T., Dabrowski, M., Buerger, J., Mielke, T., Blanchard, S.C., Spahn, C.M.T., Budkevich, T.V.N/AReleased