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Title:HRV2 full 135S particle
Authors:Pickl-Herk A, Luque D, Trus BL, Verdaguer N, Blaas D, Caston JR
Sample:HRV2 135S full particle
Method:Single particle reconstruction (8.8 angstroms resolution)
Red flagLatest update:2014-03-26
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Sample name: HRV2 135S full particle
Oligomeric state: icosahedral
Theoretical molecular weight of the sample: 5.8
ID Type Name Exp. MW (MDa) Oligomeric details Recombinant expression Synthetic Organism UniProt identifier GO identifier InterPro identifier Virus identifier Details
1virusHuman rhinovirus 2Human rhinovirus 2
Specimen state: Particle
Specimen preparation:
pHSpecimen conc.DetailsStainingSpecimen support details
7.4 mg/mL50 mM sodium borateR 1.2/1.3 Quantifoil grids
Cryogen nameHumidityTemp.Instr.MethodTime resolvedDetails
ETHANE80%99 KLEICA EM GPUsing a Leica EM Grid Plunger, sample was applied per grid in a humidified chamber, left for 30 s, blotted for 0.8 s and plunge-frozen ms
MicroscopeVoltageIllumination modeImaging modeCsDefocus min.Defocus max.Nominal mag.Calibrated mag.Electron sourceDetectorDetector distanceAstigmatism
FEI TECNAI F30300 kVFLOOD BEAMBRIGHT FIELD2.00 mm800 nm3500 nm7194979372FIELD EMISSION GUNGATAN ULTRASCAN 4000 (4k x 4k) mm

Specimen holderHolder modelTilt min.Tilt max.Energy filterEnergy windowTemp.Temp. min.Temp. max.Beam tiltElectron doseOther detailsDate
EucentricPHILIPS ROTATION HOLDER°° eV K K K mrad20 e/Å201-AUG-2010
Protocol:Projection Matching
CTF correction:Phase flipping & amplitude decay correction
Number of particles:15170
Imposed symmetry:I
Resolution by author:8.8 Å
Resolution method:FSC 0.5
Scanned images:
Num. imagesSampling sizeOD rangeQuant. bit numberOther detailsScanner
18615 μm/pixel32
PDBProtocolTarget crit.SoftwareB valueFitting spacePDB chainDetails
3TN9 rigid bodyCCURORECIPROCALProtocol: Rigid body. The asymmetric unit was initially treated as a single rigid body and then refined, treating each subunit as an independent rigid body