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Title:Substrate Recruitment Pathways in the Yeast Exosome by Electron Microscopy
Authors:Liu J-J, Bratkowski MA, Liu XQ, Niu C-Y, Ke AL, Wang H-W
Sample:Rrp44-Exosome with Streptavidin labeled RNA47
Method:Single particle reconstruction (26 angstroms resolution)
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Status: Released
Deposition date: 2013-10-23
Deposition site: PDBe
Processing site: PDBe
Header release date: 2013-10-30
Map release date: 2013-12-25
Primary citation: Visualization of distinct substrate-recruitment pathways in the yeast exosome by EM.
Liu JJ, Bratkowski MA, Liu X, Niu CY, Ke A, Wang HW
NAT.STRUCT.MOL.BIOL. (2014) 21, pp. 95-102 [PubMed 24336220] [DOI]
Sample: Rrp44-Exosome with Streptavidin labeled RNA47
Resolution: 26 Å (determined by FSC 0.5)