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Title:Cryo-EM structure of the CTP synthetase filament
Authors:Kollman JM, Charles EJ, Hansen JM
Sample:CTP synthetase filament
Method:Helical reconstruction (8.4 angstroms resolution)
Red flagLatest update:2014-08-27
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Status: Released
Deposition date: 2014-07-07
Deposition site: PDBe
Processing site: PDBe
Header release date: 2014-07-23
Map release date: 2014-07-23
Primary citation: Large-scale filament formation inhibits the activity of CTP synthetase
Barry RM, Bitbol A-F, Lorestani A, Charles EJ, Habrian CH, Hansen JM, Li H-J, Baldwin EP, Wingreen NS, Kollman JM, Gitai Z
elife (2014) 3, pp. e03638-e03638 [PubMed 25030911] [DOI]
Sample: CTP synthetase filament
Resolution: 8.4 Å (determined by FSC 0.143, semi-independent)