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Title:Life in the extremes: atomic structure of Sulfolobus Turreted Icosahedral Virus
Authors:Veesler D, Ng TS, Sendamarai AK, Eilers BJ, Lawrence CM, Lok SM, Young MJ, Johnson JE, Fu CY
Sample:Mature Sulfolobus Turreted Icosahedral Virus
Method:Single particle reconstruction (4.5 angstroms resolution)
Red flagLatest update:2013-11-20
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Map information (compressed: 2.9GB;  uncompressed: 4.0GB)
Map data type:Image stored as Reals (mode=2)
Map axis order:XYZ
Dimensions (voxels):102410241024
Voxel spacing:1.370 Å1.370 Å1.370 Å
Map extent:1402.9 Å1402.9 Å1402.9 Å
Origin (voxels):-512-512-512
Map statistics:
MinimumMaximumAverageStandard deviation
-0.19 0.33 -0.00 0.01 
Recommended contour level:0.05   (source: author)