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Title:Cryo-EM structure of human insulin degrading enzyme in complex with insulin
Authors:Zhang Z, Liang WG, Bailey LJ, Tan YZ, Wei H, Kossiakoff AA, Carragher B, Potter SC, Tang WJ
Sample:Insulin degrading enzyme/Insulin
Method:Single particle reconstruction (3.7 angstroms resolution)
Red flagLatest update:2017-12-06
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Status: Released
Deposition date: 2017-09-22
Deposition site: RCSB
Processing site: RCSB
Header release date: 2017-11-22
Map release date: 2017-11-22
Sample: Insulin degrading enzyme/Insulin
Resolution: 3.7 Å (determined by FSC 0.143 CUT-OFF)
Fitted PDB:
PDB Authors PubMed Status
6b3qLiang, W.G., Zhang, Z., Bailey, L.J., Kossiakoff, A.A., Tan, Y.Z., Wei, H., Carragher, B., Potter, S.C., Tang, W.J.N/AReleased